Aggieland Adoptions is the adoption program of Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach. As a Christian, non-profit ministry, our heart is for babies born from unplanned pregnancies. We are thrilled when a woman chooses life for her unborn baby, and we want to do our best to help that baby enjoy the abundant life Jesus offers (John 10:10). We help babies by helping their parents during pregnancy and after delivery through our three programs:

  • Pregnancy Support Services
  • Outreach to Teen Parents
  • Adoption Services

Pregnancy Support Services

We are here for women and their partners as they weather the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy. We believe that if we ask a woman to choose life for her unborn baby, we should also provide resources to help her support that decision. No-cost pregnancy support services began in 1998 and are the foundation of APO. Learn more at PregnancyOutreach.org

Adoption Services

Adoption services were added in 2002 as an extension of our pregnancy support services. We see our adoptive families as a resource for women struggling with the anxiety and fear of unplanned pregnancies who do not want an abortion yet feel they cannot parent their child.

Our waiting-to-adopt families have a love for Jesus Christ and base their lives on Biblical principles. When it comes to adoption, we believe children are honored in open adoption relationships. We spend a great deal of time counseling both birth and adoptive parents on building open, loving relationships with one another to help the child thrive.

The adoption services of Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach are licensed by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission.

Outreach to Teen Parents

Them Mama Club program was added in 2006 as a mentoring and support service for teen mothers. More often than not, pregnant teenagers choose parenting over adoption, yet their children face the highest risks for abuse and neglect. APO partners with Young Life of the Brazos Valley (Young Lives) to bring The Mama Club (and Real Men for young dads) every week during the school year. We love sharing our lives with them and pointing them to Jesus as the one who loves them unconditionally.

in 2015, we were invited into area high schools to bring our Parent Academy program. We go to seven area high schools bi-weekly to reinforce parenting and life skills to teen parents. Learn more at PregnancyOutreach.org