Adoption Process

Information Gathering

The adoption process begins by gathering information. We simplified this for you by placing a great deal of content on our website. You can download our free online Information Packet anytime. This 25-page document explains our adoption process, outlines requirements, and details your financial investment.

If both husband and wife meet our eligibility requirements, follow the link on page 24 of the packet to the Prospective Adoptive Parents Fact Sheet. It is the perfect way to introduce yourselves to us.

We will contact you about our next Adoption Information Meeting date. These meetings are held by Zoom for your convenience and generally occur quarterly. Both husband and wife must be present, and you will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions. We will send you the Zoom link as soon and the next meeting has been scheduled.

Information Packet

Adoption Education

After attending our Information Meeting, you are invited to attend our 2-day Pre-Application Adoption Education Seminar. It explores adoption from a Biblical standpoint, open vs. closed adoption, excellence in adoptive relationships, tax and legal implications, fundamental parenting issues of bonding and attachment, safety in the home, and more.

A panel of our alumni adoptive and birth parents shares their personal experiences with you. This is more than a “seminar.” It is an opportunity to enter a community with other couples on the adoption journey.

Application and Intake

Complete an application and schedule a one-on-one Intake Interview with our Family Services Director after our seminar. You will be invited to begin the Home Study process if we appear to be a good fit for each other.

The Home Study

A Home Study is required by law for all adoptions. Its purpose is to assess the physical home and the family members in the home.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission has specific information that must be contained in a Home Study write-up: criminal and child abuse background checks, documentation of financial stability, health records of each family member, references, and more.

Interviews with each family member will explore topics such as motivation to adopt, marriage, parenting style, home environment, etc.

Profile Preparation

We provide you with a link to begin building your online Profile. A representative will guide and coach you in choosing the best photos and captions to represent you. Your Profile then goes live not only on our website, but also on several other adoption sites. Hard copies of your Profile will be kept at our office so we can show them to expectant parents who don’t have internet access.


This is the most challenging step, because it is passive and there isn’t a definite time frame. Families stay in touch with the agency through quarterly support group meetings and phone calls as needed. During this time, you can also add photos and comments to your online Profile to keep it current.


You will receive that much-anticipated call … an expectant mother has chosen you! We will arrange a “match meeting” where you can meet face-to-face with her and possibly the father and extended family members. Your caseworker will be present to help you navigate this exciting moment.


We notify you when the expectant mother goes into labor so you can head to the hospital. This can be a time of intense emotions. Our staff will be with you every step of the way. If the mother follows though with her adoption plan, the adoptive parents can usually take the baby home two days after the birth.


We prepare the necessary paperwork at the end of the 6-month supervisory period and send it to the adoptive family’s attorney. He or she will then schedule the adoption hearing at the courthouse. Bring family and friends…this is a beautiful time of celebration!