Our Values


As a Christian ministry, the heart of Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach (APO) is to see children raised in Christian families, whether biological or adoptive families. We want all children to be taught the truth of God’s love, especially in their early years. To that end, couples who adopt through APO are Christians who share our doctrinal beliefs.

Full Transparency

APO is committed to full transparency. Our online Adoption Information Packet details our beliefs, values, and eligibility requirements.

The Information Packet explains the stages of the adoption process and the expected expenses and legal fees. We provide adoption education through our Information Meeting, two-day Adoption Education Seminar, Support Groups, and individual coaching with your caseworker.

Most adoptive parents enter the adoption process after months or years of infertility struggles. While we strive to protect your emotions from further disappointments, we are realistic with you about the expectant parents we serve and never withhold information from you.

Honesty and Integrity

Our staff puts honesty and integrity at the center of our work. The well-being of the child is our highest priority.

We are committed to treating expecting parents with dignity and respect, keeping their needs and desires at the forefront. We are always honest and transparent as situations with birth parents evolve. Additionally, we take precautions to keep your information private and secure.

Reasonable Fees

Don’t let the fear of expenses keep you and your family from pursuing adoption. At Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach, we know great parents aren’t always wealthy, and we don’t want our adoptive parents to feel burdened with debt.

Not only do we keep our fees lower than most agencies, but we also direct you to resources that will help fund your adoption. Along with grants, interest-free loans, and fundraisers, many families qualify for the adoption tax credit, which can lower overall adoption costs by more than $14,000.

You Are Family

The APO office has a family atmosphere because adoption is all about families. Our staff has become family to one another, and we invite our adoptive parents and birth parents into this family-like relationship with us.

We keep adoptive family photos on our bulletin boards and love getting Christmas cards in December! Watching the little ones grow up is one of the most significant rewards for our work.

Life-Long Support

APO provides lifelong support for adopted children, adoptive parents, and birth parents. Before, during, and after the adoption, APO is here to guide, encourage, and counsel.

We assist you through support groups, individual support, and counseling. For adoptive and birth families, we are just a phone call away for as many years as you might need us. Our extraordinary long-term care sets us apart.