About Our Adoptive Families

The couples who adopt through Aggieland Adoptions are Christians who have been married for at least three years. One parent commits to staying at home (working no more than 20 hours per week outside the home) until the child is three years old. 

Adoptive Family Requirements

Before being accepted into the Aggieland Adoptions program, each family undergoes extensive screening, which includes the following:

  • FBI background checks
  • Fingerprinting
  • Reference checks
  • A Home Study
  • Assessment of financial and health stability
  • Reasons and motivations to adopt
  • Required adoption and parenting education

The Adoptive Couple Bio

Each couple creates a “Profile Book” or “Bio” when approved for adoption. Their bio is like a scrapbook to introduce themselves to women considering placing their child for adoption. 

The bio includes letters from the couple to the expectant woman or birth mother. They provide background information about their children (if others are in the family), jobs, education, and daily lives.

In addition, they include photographs of their home, pets, hobbies, relatives and traditions.  

Determining a “Match”

When the expectant woman chooses a family or couple, we tell them they have been selected. If they agree, meeting together is the next step.

You will have the opportunity to meet the family in person or online, depending on everyone’s location. Our staff will also join you to provide comfort and help guide the conversation, if needed. Once everyone agrees to move forward, you have been “matched.”

Our Waiting Families

If you are considering adoption for your child, we invite you to view some of our prospective families and their bios. Each one of our waiting families is fantastic!  As you read about them, we’re sure you will agree. 

The families posted here are only a small representation of the potential ones waiting to adopt. We also have hard copies of their bios at Aggieland Adoptions for you to view.

We encourage you to search for the values that are essential to you. You will find listings based on the number of children they may already have, their religion, where they live, and other factors. What’s important to you should be important to them.

View Our Waiting Families Here